I still love the Nokia N90 high quality camera

I have been having major boat electrical problems and until the manual I ordered on ebay arrives I have been going to the library and looking through their copy of the manual. Unfortunately, it is in the reference section and cannot be checked out so I can just take notes or photocopy pages. The problem is that I keep forgetting to take coins with me (I never carry them in my pocket) so I can’t make photo copies. Well, I had the brilliant idea to take along the N90 one day and took some amazing close-up shots of the wiring diagrams and then printed them out at home. The N90 has an awesome camera and I actually have been taking it along with me for a camera and video camera rather than taking my dedicated Pentax digital camera and Sony digital camcorder.

I am even more interested in the Nokia N93 now since it is like the N90 with a high quality Carl Zeiss optics camera (now at 3.2 megapixel), but also adds WiFi, S60 3rd Edition (the browser and new PIM software is MUCH better than 2nd Edition), and vibration. The major feature missing from the N90 that prevents me from using it as a daily smartphone is the lack of vibration since our phones have to be on silent at work and I missed way too many calls without vibration functionality. If the N93 has this, then this is the S60 cameraphone for me and I may have to hunt one down and try it out. Then again, the 4GB drive on the N91 sure is nice for storing podcasts and media.

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