The Nokia N91 is turning me into a podcatching nut

I recently received the Nokia N91 to evaluate as part of the NSeries Blogger Relations program and have to say that the device is turning me into a crazed podcast listener. I already was a big fan of podcasts, but hated having to setup and use iTunes on any desktop I happened to be using and then transfer the podcasts to my devices via a sync cable or card reader. Nokia released a free podcasting application that allows you to browse directories or enter your own links and then download podcasts right to the 4GB hard drive of the device. I quickly found all my favorites in the directory and then actually started browsing the directories and trying out lots of other podcasts that I may never have found before. I am still trying to determine which are my favorites and which ones will stay loaded on the device and I am having a great time listening to the audio.

I definitely have the MobileTechRoundup podcast that I am now helping host loaded on the device and I have to admit I sound a bit better than I thought I would and I am sure I’ll grow more comfortable and get better over time. We just finished recording my second show that should be going live tomorrow and I again touch on some S60 topics.

If you have a podcast you think I may enjoy (gadget related, Christian (I love the Mars Hill Church feeds), sports, etc.) feel free to send a link my way.

I am now putting aside my Nokia E61 to try and use the N91 only for my testing and review for at least a week. If you haven’t seen one of these N91 devices, it may be worth checking one out in person since the quality is amazing and it is a very classy device. The solid metal feel and cool kepad slider, high quality audio playback, smooth rounded buttons, good quality 2 megapixel camera, and high quality phone features make this a very good choice if podcasts or music is important to you.

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