Switching data to Sprint EVDO for faster wireless access

My buddy Peter was expecting me to go for the Treo 700p after posting something on my ZDNet blog this week regarding how many Treo devices I saw on my travels. I have been very interested in moving up to an EVDO high speed wireless data connection on Sprint since they are very reasonably priced. I then had the opportunity to get signed up using the Sprint Employee Referral Program and was just about to pull the trigger on a Treo 700p for US$349 with a US$30 a month fee for unlimited EVDO data and 500 calling minutes when I saw the PPC 6700 was also available. The PPC 6700 is the HTC Apache model that is like the Wizard I loved, but with a faster processor, better keyboard layout, and EVDO radio. This was available for US$319 and I decided to go with this since I could then get SlingPlayer Mobile via EVDO as well as use it with the integrated WiFi that the Treo does not have. So I just ordered the PPC 6700 that should be here on Tuesday. I will then most likely cancel my $20/month T-Mobile data plan for a net difference of only $10 a month to get the higher speed wireless data. I may add in the cheap WAP T-Mobile data for occasional use, but I’ll have to see how the Sprint EVDO works out.

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