Day 2 with EVDO service

I am on my 2nd day of using Sprint’s EVDO service on the PPC6700 and will probably chat a bit about it on the MobileTechRoundup podcast that we record tonight. It is very cool to watch TV content with SlingPlayer on EVDO and also experience super fast speeds while surfing. However, as I think more about my usage patterns and family plan I don’t think going with Sprint for data is going to work since I would have to carry around two phones so I could call my family members for free on the T-Mobile plan. If I use the Sprint service (500 minutes included) that may be fine, but I get hit twice for the calls since it would charge minutes to my family member and then consume my Sprint minutes.

I am going to do some speed comparisons between the two services, but I have to say that surfing with EDGE on the Nokia E61 is very good and doesn’t feel that much slower than EVDO on the PPC-6700. I have been researching about T-Mobile’s 3G plans and it seems they have bid almost US$500 million on FCC auctions to aquire spectrum for launching their 3G service that I understand they have been testing in a few places. The right thing to do is to be patient and wait for T-Mobile’s 3G network to roll out rather than jumping into a 2-year committment with Sprint.

I also get a 2 bar signal with Sprint at home, but a full 4 bars with T-Mobile. After talking with customer service I found out I can also add T-Mobile’s WiFi Hotspot service for only US$10 per month and around Seattle there is a Starbucks on just about every corner so that may be an option to get faster data access.

Would you hold out for T-Mobile or make the jump to Sprint’s EVDO service?

  1. #1 by Dave on August 11, 2006 - 09:17

    Well, I was vacationing in the Seattle area with my Sprint EVDO phone (A900) and the connections and speeds were excellent (even around Puyallup). With how often you change devices and do evaluations it probably makes sense to have both services so you can evaluate GSM and EVDO class phones. T-mobile may still let you surf with the $5 – $6 tzones option.

  2. #2 by Antoine of MMM on August 15, 2006 - 12:03

    I think you are better off with the Nokia and the wifi plan. In that way you are making the most out of your mobile device, as well as not really just having a seedy service for a few frills that might not be used in a few days/weeks.

    I know that for me that the EDGE connection with my 650 is quite sufficient. Faster connecting would be great, but really only for viewing websites faster and getting the email faster. Not really too many things that are really needed (not wanted) on a handheld that require a superfast connection.

    That being said, I still wanna get HSDPA/UTMS on my PalmOS Treo even though I know it is not happening.

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