Sprint PPC-6700 on the way back

My experiment with EVDO is now over for now as I am shipping back the device today. I was seeing speeds from 3-7 times faster with EVDO, but with my whole family on T-Mobile it really was not practical to switch to Sprint for my data. If I did then I would have had to carry two phones all the time, one for data and one for calls since making calls would have consumed my Sprint and T-Mobile minutes at the same time. Email is fast with EDGE and I don’t really see much difference with data plans in email. Browsing is definitely better with EVDO, but I really don’t require high speed browsing at this time since I surf on mobile devices more than tethering to my UMPC or MacBook. Surfing on the Nokia E61 with its excellent 3rd Edition browser is also very fast on EDGE.

I also could not give up trying all the latest SIM capable devices and hope to get a TyTN to review shortly.

  1. #1 by Matthew Hart on August 14, 2006 - 10:32

    I just ordered the TyTn. I should get to tomorrow.

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