Pray and never forget what happended on 9/11

I’ve been extremely busy with work, my yard, and my family, but I did take the time out to pray for those who lost loved ones 5 years ago today as a result of terrorist actions. I vividly remember that day since I was actually driving into work to attend a Puget Sound Handheld User Group meeting that evening and was listening to KVI on the AM radio. When the first plane hit the tower I was shocked by what I thought was a terrible accident, but when the second plane hit I knew it was a planned attack and then became a bit concerned about working downtown in Seattle with all their buildings and the two airports close by. Many of us at work watched the events unfold on the TV we had in the office and again my heart fell when the towers collapsed. I’ll never forget what those evil men did to our country, unlike too many in the United States who play politics way too much instead of thinking about this great country and the people who are part of it.

Say a prayer and remember those who gave their lives for our country. Thank a service man or woman (Armed Forces, police, and firefighters) who serve this great country and the American people. Also pray for our President and leaders who try to keep us free in this time of rampant evil and deceit.

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