Back from trips back East, undefeated soccer teams, etc.

I was in New York City for several hours and then headed north to Boston for Mobius 2006. BTW, you can check out my report here on

I enjoyed NY and attended the Nokia Open Studio event where they announced lots of devices, including the N95 and N75. I want the N95 and I want to get my wife the N75 for Christmas. I then visited the Apple store and swung by the Nokia Flagship store, but that one was closed and I could not convince anyone to let me in.

I received some cool gear at Mobius and was using the super slim Samsung SGH-i320 the last couple weeks, but the battery life stinks so I am going to give it away on a contest on my ZDNet blog. If you are on T-Mobile then enter the contest to win this cool prize. Cingular customers shouldn’t enter because it doesn’t support the 850 MHz band. I was going to go buy a T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) today, but T-Mobile just faked us out with the announcement since they won’t be available for another 2 weeks. I wonder if I can sweet talk any T-Mobile managers to sell me one from the back 🙂

I’ll be traveling to Hawaii for work here in less than 2 weeks and taking my wife and oldest daughter along. Speaking of my daughters, my oldest and youngest daughters soccer teams are both undefeated. I coach my youngest daughter’s team and we are having a blast this year. They have improved 1000% over last year and it is lots of fun.

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