I am getting promoted at work

I had my annual review yesterday and was told that I would be promoted to Senior Associates on 1 January. I am pretty excited about this as I have only been with The Glosten Associates now for 5 and a half years and this is one of the top management levels in the company. The work I did this year with two major projects I managed and several other smaller ones was the same type of work expected out of Senior Associates so the transition will be minor from my point of view. I get a nice pay raise with this promotion and will continue to be busy as a bee at my normal day job.

You may have seen me slacking just a bit at ZDNet as I just can’t keep up too blistering of a pace there all the time with a wife and three daughters who I want to spend my free time with and it is very tough to strike the right balance. I find if I go down to the rec room and work on mobile tech after everyone is in bed I can catch up a bit, but then again I am only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night and should be getting more.

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