Lousy weather and lousy elections

Boy, has the weather been depressing here in Washington with something like 7 inches of rain in 6 days. There is flooding all over the place and everything is pretty damp and dreary. My yard is still under major construction because we hired some clown trying to save a few bucks that can’t finish any project and did things backwards. This was my first major project as a homeowner and was a lesson learned. Today we had a real professional come out to give us a bid on doing things right so hopefully the major work (couple of walls, driveway, front porch) will be done by Christmas. I’ll then plant and landscape the yard in the Spring.

We also had some pretty lousy elections here in the U.S. and Washington State. I can’t say that I blame the uninformed public too much though as I haven’t been happy with the Republican leadership myself as many of them seem to have little backbone and don’t stand up for what is right. Even if you don’t like George Bush you have to admit he is a man who sticks to his beliefs and principles and doesn’t waver with the polls or public opinion. I expect the new Democratic majority will start spending even more of our hard earned money on their pet projects now that they are in control and our government will continue to tick me off. Let’s just hope they don’t get any of their far left radical liberal agenda passed. One aspect about the Dems taking control now is that if they don’t get some things done right they may hurt their chances of taking the Presidency in a couple years.

I would love to see things done right by both parties to help America, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in either party right now as too many politicians play games to see their personal agenda fulfilled without doing what is just right.

  1. #1 by Angel on November 9, 2006 - 17:59

    I’m not a Democrat, but I found your last comment truly shocking. Hoping the Democrats mess up (which affects our citizen’s lives) just so they won’t take the Presidency…that’s real mature.


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