Miller girls sports update: Can Danika whip Shaq?

I have been meaning to post a congratulatory note here on my little blog for my oldest daughter. She has never played organized basketball before because she was always playing soccer or doing something else. She decided to try out for the 7th grade team and 22 girls came out for tryouts. I was extremely proud of her for going out there for the 3 days of tryouts since that is pretty brave when you are new to the sport and in an age when classmates aren’t always that friendly to each other. She worked her rear off and was one of the 15 girls to make the team. Isn’t that AWESOME?!!!  I can’t wait to see her out there on the court next week when they have their first game.

We had an extremely busy weekend of soccer this weekend with all 3 girls playing yesterday. My oldest daughter’s team only lost 1 game all year, my middle daughter’s premier select team did OK with a few losses and 3rd place, and my youngest daughter’s (I am the coach) team improved 1000% over last year and only lost a couple games. They all played hard and learned something about the sport, which is the important part.

Basketball also kicks off for my other two daughters and I’ll be happy to be watching sports inside during this season. I am not coaching anything this season as I have some travel and other business to work on and can’t commit to coaching right now.

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