Off to London today, football match on Wednesday!

I just finished checking in online and choosing my seat for the week long business/pleasure trip to London. I am attending the International Salvage and Wreck Removal conference for a couple of days and then have a couple more to see the sights. I also just bought tickets to the Chelsea FC vs. Newcastle United football (soccer in the U.S.) match on Wednesday night and am probably most excited about attending that event. Football is HUGE in Europe and everytime I watch it on TV I am blown away by the sounds of the crowd. Chelsea is fighting it out with Manchester United for 1st place and if they win on Wednesday then they should be in first in the standings. I plan to take video with the Nokia N93 I am reviewing and will post links to my YouTube or Google videos here.

Speaking of Nokia devices, I called T-Mobile USA to find out the cost of using my cell in the UK and found out that I can add the T-Mobile Hotspot service for only $10 more and then use Hotspots at Starbucks, etc. for a 18 cents a minute. I also found free WiFi spots and will try to use them so I can record a podcast with James and Kevin too. I can also use my mobile phone with T-Mobile UK for 99 cents per minute, but have our computers at home setup with Skype so I can hopefully use free WiFi and Skype to call home. I also may look into prepaid SIM cards, but using my own mobile on the road may be about the same price. I also am supposed to receive an unlock code for my T-Mobile Dash soon in case I want to use a prepaid SIM card.

I was chatting with my pastor on Sunday and found out about the Westminster Chapel that I now plan to attend on Sunday.

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