Enjoying the sights and sounds of London

My friend, Rafe, came into the city yesterday and took me all over town to places like London Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Science Museum and Game On exhibit (I played lots of Donkey Kong and Tron), and Oxford Street. He then invited me to go with him and his parents on a river dinner cruise that was being held for his Dad’s office Christmas party. It was a wonderful way to see London at night from a different perspective and I took some great photos and some video. I’ll be posting the photos on Flickr soon.

I then woke up early this morning and went to take a flight on the London Eye (the lines (queue) were too long yesterday). I then headed to Tower of London (which is actually several towers in one location) and learned a ton about the history of England as well as having a chance to see the Crown Jewels. I then took the Tube down to the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum (how could a naval architect pass this up?) that is on the grounds of the Royal Naval College. The Cutty Sark actually was having major work down and the entire topsides were removed.

Probably the most interesting visit today though was the Royal Observatory overlooking the Royal Naval College since that is where the Greenwich (Prime) Meridian is located and I stood on both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere at the same time. I have a couple photos of me standing on the center of the Earth and as a previous sailor it is a very important reference line and I personally found it quite thrilling to be standing there.

Oh yeah, I did do a geeky thing on the way back to the hotel too. I saw a sign for a Computer Show and just could not resist. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but I found one of those flexible keyboards and a small USB camera to use with Qbacca and it only cost me about $25 for both.

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