The Wii is a BLAST!

I used a cool service where they send you an email with a link to an online retailer with Wiis in stock and thanks to my hosted Exchange account I was able to get a Wii console two days after paying the $6 for the service. I gave my girls the Wii, with 4 controllers, on Christmas Eve as a family gift and everyone had a great time playing Tennis and Bowling. We then played it on Christmas and my mother-in-law who uses a cane to get around was able to bowl and loved it. A couple family members who played it are already talking about getting one now after playing it.

The technology just blows me away and is quite amazing. For example, in Bowling if you even twist the controller a bit after your throw then the ball will curve that way in the game. It is so cool to move around and have the game pick up your motion. I set the rule early that the wrist strap must be worn at all times or the violator is banned from playing for a week. I read too many stories online about busted TVs and windows and black eyes and I don’t want a remote going through my 37 inch LCD TV.

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas too.

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