Mail For Exchange works like a champ on the Nokia N93

As readers know I have been testing the Nokia N93 and like it for the most part. One feature that I like to have is the Exchange sync feature, such as on my Nokia E61, that allows me to sync my Calendar, Contacts, and email (PUSH too). I have been using RoadSync from DataViz on the N91 and N73 and just recently installed it on the Nokia N93. However, when the device has WiFi (i.e. Nokia N91 and N93) RoadSync keeps trying to connect to a WiFi access point and won’t let me use my T-Mobile data plan. I searched all over the forums and online looking for someone who has figured out how to use GPRS/EDGE rather than WiFi, but haven’t found an answer. Thus I took off RoadSync from these devices. I then took a chance and downloaded the Mail for Exchange client, available for free from Nokia, and I am very happy to report that it works very well on the N93. I now may actually use the N93 to capture video and images at CES and upload them to the CES Flickr set that I created.

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