Trying to get home from CES, NOT!

I have been in Vegas for the last several days providing as much coverage as I could for this year. I had a flight out for Wednesday scheduled to depart at 9:58 pm and it is now 11:33 pm with news that the flight is now scheduled to depart at about 3:00 am. There is snow falling in Seattle that is delaying all plans departing there which will come here and then fly back to Seattle. And since tomorrow is Thursday a ton of people are leaving CES for home so all flights tomorrow are full as well.

UPDATE:  Well, now it is 2:00 am and we have been issued hotel and breakfast vouchers for some cheap hotel here by the airport. The revised flight is for 11:00 in the morning, which would be fine except we have been waiting now for 30 minutes for our luggage and it could be about 30 minutes more.

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