Sometimes mail-in rebates just SUCK

I am a religious follower of my mail-in rebates and NOTHING sneaks by me due to my diligent tracking. I submitted a $50 rebate a couple months ago when I picked up the Sidekick 3 and accidentally put my phone number on the form not knowing that I needed to put the number for the phone I was upgrading to get the rebate. I resubmitted the form with the right number and just received another form back saying my rebate was unable to be processed. I swear these companies do everything in their power to not give you the rebate after sucking you in with a good deal. This rebate is from T-Mobile so there is no way I am giving in this easy and they really need to think about who they are trying to mess with before picking their fights.

  1. #1 by Robert on January 15, 2007 - 07:05

    First the increased data package now this! They should read your blog(s) and see how complimentary you are of them (usually). It is amazing that they spend so much to get new customers but have such poorly trained personnel when it comes to keeping a customer they have had for, in my case in Houston, 10 years (Aerial, then VoiceStream, then TMobile). Good Luck.

  2. #2 by May C on January 15, 2007 - 10:21

    I TOTALLY AGREE that Mail in rebates is just a manufacturer’s way to suck you in to buy something on the false expectation that you will get some of your money back.

    I try very hard to avoid any mail in rebate and rather pay slightly more if I can elsewhere because I know how they love to refuse to honor a rebate. They fully expect that a good percentage of people won’t go through the hassle of mailing in their rebate form and keep track of it.

    If I do get something on a rebate, I make sure to keep photocopies of everything, read the terms and requirements, keep track of when to call them, etc. Most times, I get my money back.

    What I don’t understand (well, I do) is why specific companies like Dell, Staples, etc where they themselves are offering the rebate directly, have to make you send away for the rebate when they could easily just have it ‘in-house’ and just deduct it right off at the cashier? Well, obviously, for the same reason that others have rebates. They’re greedy, sneaky companies.

    Again, that confirms why I refuse to buy anything on rebate.

  3. #3 by davetreo300600 on January 15, 2007 - 13:29

    I also hate rebates. In evaluating any offered price, I assume that I will NOT get the rebate!

  4. #4 by Chris Davies on January 24, 2007 - 15:15

    Thank goodness rebates are far less common here in the UK! I think I’d spend half my life on the phone screaming at inept, thieving customer service people, as opposed to the quarter of my life that I do now.

    Good luck in your noble battle!

  5. #5 by deena on April 10, 2007 - 23:26

    Some of the rebate companies like Rebaterocks do not bother to pay out the rebate. I have posted my experience at

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