What is up with my Apple luck?

I just took my MacBook Pro on my most recent trip to Florida for a stability test and noticed that the MagSafe ac adapter end is coming apart and now I see exposed wires. I have to wiggle it around to charge up my MacBook Pro and read online where lots of people are having issues with this. I called Apple and was told to go to an Apple store to see if they can replace it under warranty. I plan to visit the store tonight or tomorrow and hope they do replace it because I really don’t want to have to shell out $99 for Apple’s poor quality products. Anyone who has ever bought or seen my devices knows that I take pristine care of all of them and I never pulled my cable out by the end or anything so this cable failure is not very encouraging to me and I hope it is replaced with one that is a bit stronger.

I am also still waiting for Seagate to ship out my replacement 160GB hard drive I bought from Buy.com over a month ago. I somehow confused the attachment (ATA vs Serial ATA) and ordered the wrong model. I couldn’t return it to Buy.com and had to go through Seagate who says they do not have any of this model in stock. It is amazing that it has been a month without them stocking this drive and I am getting very disappointed and upset since I only have less than 2GB left on my current drive to work with. I can’t install Vista or the new Parallels Desktop and have to really watch what I do on the MacBook as I wait for this larger drive. I have been thinking about selling my MacBook Pro and getting a better Tablet PC, but really do enjoy the Mac OS X operating system. I guess this is just my frustration talking right now.

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