My yard is getting put back together

We made a big mistake and hired a joker last year for working on our yard. He did a good job at excavating, but the concrete work left something to be desired and he never finished anything up and caused issues with the neighbors, etc. Don’t ever hire some shmuck that someone tells you about unless they are licensed. Luckily, we did not really lose any money, just the use of our yard for a good 6 months.

We recently had several companies bid on different aspects of our yard work and hired a great company that came it at a good price and has sample of excellent work. They already are just about finished with the back wall and it is looking great. It is below 4 feet so no County permits are required either, bonus!  I’ll be posting some photos up on my Flickr set in the next couple of days.

Next will be the front wall and front porch, followed by our driveway replacement. We will then be just about out of money and eating Mac and Cheese as we save up to put in grass and the side concrete driveway/sport court. It is just a great feeling to see things coming back together and I hope we get to have fun in our yard this summer, especially since we won’t have any money to go anywhere 🙂

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