Mal's Washington Premier soccer team continues to roll

My middle daughter is a super athlete and she plays on a premier level select soccer team. They did OK in their regular fall season, but could definitely be better. Then this winter we started playing in the 2007 Fred Meyer Commissioners Cup state tournament and won 3 games and lost 2 in the preliminary round. We should have won at least 4, but the offense had some trouble making goals at times. These games were played in snow and rain and it was pretty dang cold too. Luckily, the other team that we had the same record as ended up scoring less than us so we made the State tourney. The story has been a bit different in the elimination rounds as we won 2-1 and then 3-1 the last two weekends and are now in the semi-finals with just 4 teams left in the U-11 girls division. If we win next week then we are in the finals and the girls are VERY excited and are playing together very well. I am seeing good passing and of course, rock solid defense and it is really fun to watch.

Mal is excited to keep going since she has decided not to try out this year and instead focus for a year on basketball. She is an incredible basketball player and is super fast. If she sticks with basketball, I think there will be a good chance you will hear her name in the WNBA some day. Yes, she is that good!

UPDATE: The team fought a hard fight and lost this past Sunday in the 2nd overtime period when the other team kicked in a high goal that was unstoppable. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time left for us to get one more in and we lost. The girls played very well in the post season and had a wonderful year overall. Now it is on to the basketball court 🙂

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