Saga of the Seagate hard drive continues

Wow, this is getting ridiculous. I ordered a 160 GB replacement hard drive for my MacBook Pro back in November and was sent one with an Ultra ATA connector when it turns out I needed one with a Serial ATA connector. told me to contact Seagate directly and I did so immediately. I was told to ship the drive back and the correct one would be sent out. Then for 2 months I was told they were out of stock. The drives apparently came back into stock ( had them a month or so ago in stock) and I just received the drive. Unfortunately, the idiots at Seagate sent me a refurb Ultra ATA drive. Now why would I send them a brand new, unused Ultra ATA drive for a refurb drive?

So again I am trying to get them to send me the write drive or at least just issue me a credit so I can get the right one from The reason I even went with is because they have a great return policy, but make sure you read the fine print on some items like hard drives.

My MacBook Pro sits with about 5GB of free drive space and I really need this new drive to run applications I am trying to test out and am very disappointed in Seagate’s handling of this issue.

UPDATE:  I called customer service and explained in detail what is going on and was given another RMA and told they will send out the drive I need. They said they don’t usually swap out drives for different models, but were going to allow this one time exception. I explained the situation way back in December and was told that I could exchange the drive so I don’t know if that is their policy or not. I would have just taken the new drive I received first and sold it on ebay if I would have known how much trouble this was going to be. Hopefully, I’ll get my issue resolved soon since I have a ton of things I want to load on the MacBook Pro.

  1. #1 by H2 on February 25, 2008 - 08:22

    Seagate always sends out refurbished drives on all of their replacements. Also, always request to speak to a supervisor if you want the issue solved ASAP. Their service reps (call center drones) could really careless about your situation.

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