I am loving the N93 again, after a hiccup this last weekend

I can take awesome videos with the N93 and have used it quite a bit to take sports videos and other videos of my daughters to share with family and friends. Given that fact, I popped in my SIM and took along the N93 to my daughters end-of-the year soccer party held at Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center in Tukwila. I then flipped open the fully charged N93 and the camera application wouldn’t launch. I shut it down and tried again and it came up. I then tried to take video and it locked up again. I did another restart that actually required me to take out the battery. This time I tried to check email and the device just kept freezing. I tried a few more times after waiting a bit and the device just wouldn’t perform. This was a mystery to me as this N93 has been rock solid up until now and I even used it for 95% of all the CES photos I took for Geek.com.

After the event, I had a bit more time to think about what was going on and thought that maybe the miniSD card was causing problems since I took it out to take off the photos and something may have been corrupted. I also saw that a version 2.x firmware was available for the N93 so in a bold move I completely reformatted my storage card and upgraded the firmware of the N93. Now, everything is working well again and my camera/device issues may have just been related to a corrupt storage card. You know there is a utility on the N93 that allows you to reformat the storage card right from the device so that is something to think about if you are having issues.

I also discovered that the latest version of Mail for Exchange from the Nokia Business site does not work on the N93, but the previous version (1.3 I think) does work very well and luckily I still had a copy of that on my hard drive and will have to burn it to a CD since I don’t see a way to download older versions from the Nokia business site. The N93 is a beautiful, high quality device and I plan to load up some Office suites and try using it with the TV out functionality as a mobile PC device coupled with my Think Outside keyboard. There have been lots of cool free apps released recently that I have been talking about on MobileTechRoundup that I will be trying on the N93 too.

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