My MacBook Pro is rocking now

I finally resolved my issue with Seagate and was able to install the new 160GB hard drive into my MacBook Pro. I now need to find a serial ATA enclosure to use the 80GB drive as an external storage drive. At first I was going to put Vista into a Boot Camp partition, but then decided to just use Parallels and install Vista and XP there to see how that would work. The new Coherence mode in Parallels Desktop is awesome and so far things are going very well.

We also picked up a new desk at Costco so I could have a “real” place to work at home and I uncovered all my devices. I found the Fossil Wrist PDA that is Palm Powered and decided to charge that up and give it a go as my Palm device of choice to test out and play with.

  1. My MacBook Pro is rocking now : PDA and SmartPhone

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