How To: Slingbox remote viewing and Cisco 678 DSL modem

I recently switched from DSL to Comcast cable, but before that I had to get my Cisco 678 DSL modem configured to work for Slingbox remote viewing and it took a couple of command line entries (Go to Start>Accessories>Command Prompt) to get it working correctly. I have now had at least 5 people email me for directions so I thought it would be more efficient to post the process here on my blog.

My ISP changed my WAN IP address so I had to follow these direction to get my Slingbox working remotely.

  1. Check out this web page.
  2. Then follow the instructions to enter the correct commands.

The commands I used were:

      • set nat entry add 5001 tcp
      • set nat entry add 5001 udp

My previous IP was so I had to change it. I went into my wireless router status page to see what my WAN IP was (yours may vary) and that is where I found they changed it on me.

Make sure that the remote viewing setup on your Slingbox is set to the port you open, in this case 5001.

And that should do it. You may also have to open port 5001 on your wireless router and the Slingbox setup wizard and help file has the details on accomplishing this.

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