Sometimes I really enjoy my day job

I received a call last night that a 225 meter bulk carrier fully loaded with coal ran aground in Maryland and I was being asked to use my salvage engineering skills to develop a salvage plan to help refloat her. Check out one news article about the situation. Groundings are kind of my speciality and I have been very successful in performing calculations and coming up with ways to refloat vessels in the past 10 years. There is a possibility I will have to fly out to Maryland and if my wife wasn’t out of town in Texas for a Party Lite leader training conference then I would most likely already be there. It has been a crazy day trying to balance taking care of the girls and respond to calls from the salvage team while running calcs and coming up with a plan to offload coal and refloat the vessel.

I LOVE this type of engineering though where you perform calcs and see almost immediate results. Oftentimes when an engineer performs calcs you don’t see results or you see results years down the road. Salvage can be stressful, but I am pretty experienced and have some incredible tools at my disposal so I personally have a great time with it and if I wasn’t a father of three young daughters I may even want to do it full time.

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