Coal carrier safely afloat

I mentioned a salvage case I was working on a couple of days ago and after working through many calculations and submitting a salvage plan that was then approved by the USCG, I am happy to report that the vessel was safely refloated this morning! As I talked about in my earlier post, this type of engineering is extremely rewarding due to the quick results you see. I have been a salvage engineer since 1997 (wow, 10 years now) and every case has been a success. Thank you Lord Jesus for continuing to watch over me and give me the abilities and resolve to perform my job well. Without Him I could not do this job.

  1. #1 by Brad on March 8, 2007 - 12:40

    Congratulations, you are the salvage stud!!

  2. #2 by Timothy Chan on March 10, 2007 - 00:17

    Woohoo! Thank you, Jesus! Reading your post, Proverbs is brought to mind – acknoledging Him and He shall direct our paths. Makes me think of Joseph or even Daniel how the Lord blessed them and gave them the ability to learn and understand everything. Congrats on the great salvage, Matt!

  3. #3 by Fred DeBerry on March 21, 2007 - 17:41

    I have been following the story of the coal carrier. Glad you got it out with a minimum of fuss.

    I see that they updated the PSHUG web site. It has been about four months since it was last changed. I plan to attend next Tuesday. Perhaps I will see you there.

    By the way, yesterday I bought a used Sony PSP. I know you have one yourself. I got mine with one game, Ridge Runner, which I am enjoying.

    If you have any hints about games, web sites, etc., let me know please.


  4. #4 by palmsolo on March 27, 2007 - 11:24


    My life is quite busy and I won’t be able to attend the PSHUG event tonight. I hope I have some time in July or August, but with the girls playing sports and me coaching there isn’t much time left for the meeting.

    I just pulled my PSP back out and have been using it to watch movies when traveling and also playing games. I enjoy playing Ridge Racer (one of my favs) and also Madden NFL 07.

    Take care and God bless.


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