My wife brings home a late birthday present

I just want to start this personal post by saying that my wife is AWESOME! Sunday afternoon I picked up a picnic table from Costco for our new patio and one of the legs was deformed and the whole thing had to go back. I loaded it up in our 97 Chevy truck and my wife said she would run it back to Costco while I continued to work in the yard. I like the 97 Chevy, but it is having some major mechanical issues. We replaced the lifters 2 years ago ($1,700 repair) and then an even louder and continuous knocking developed about 6 months ago. It knocks very loudly when it is cold and then quiets down a bit when warm. A Chevy dealer in Sumner, who I don’t particularly trust, told me that a new engine was required at a price of $4,000+. Thus for the last 6 months we have just driven it to move the trailer and get stuff for working in the yard and it has only been driven a couple hundred miles as we tried to figure out what to do.

So, I loaded the table and my wife ran it back to Costco to exchange it for one that wasn’t broken. She was gone for quite some time so I called up her cell and she told me she had to close a couple Party Lite shows with hostesses. I then went back to work and then had dinner with my girls. A while later my wife came home honking loudly. I walked outside and saw this and my jaw dropped. I then said, “What are you doing, is this a test drive or something?” She said, “Nope, I bought it for you and traded in the Chevy. I qualified on my own and made the whole deal based on my own Party Lite occupation.” I was floored and also very excited. This is one sweet ride.

It is a 2007 Dodge Ram with just over 300 miles on it and sports a Cummins Turbo diesel engine, MegaCab (tons of room for the whole family), 4WD, lift kit, custom wheels, tow package, tinted windows, rear electric slider, and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the Dodge Bluetooth hands-free kit, but I guess I can live without it 🙂 This baby sounds great on the highway and actually should get better mileage than my Chevy truck did. Diesel is also cheaper right now too so that is good.

  1. #1 by Robert on March 28, 2007 - 06:34

    Hi Matt,

    The Dodge bluetooth “U-Connect” system is available as an aftermarket add on from your Dodge Dealer. I had it added to my ’05 Durango by the dealer for around $450 installed. It is a very professional installation, with a small button console matching by interior, and a very small microphone being the only visible components. Everything else is behind under the dash. It works great with E61.

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