I played real life Dig Dug this weekend

I was offline most all weekend as I spent hours and hours digging holes in my yard as you can see in the latest photos up on my Flickr site. I dug up the septic tank top so I can survey and figure out the best way to access the covers in my new yard. I also dug up my water main line and tapped into it to install my double check valve and start running pipe for my sprinkler system. And finally, I dug up some of the play area so we can fill it in with cedar chips.

The sprinkler system is a fun project because it takes some math and thinking to get it done along with some good manual labor. My brother was very helpful and is amazingly smart when it comes to any type of work like this (remodels, yard/house designs, etc.) and gave me the confidence to save several thousand dollars and put in this sprinkler system and my grass by myself without hiring it out.

So I will be continuing on with the sprinkler system the next couple weeks and then plan to plant grass in early May or so. The last major step after that will be concrete for the sport court/RV pad, but that is a fall project or later after we can save up some more money. I can’t wait to run in some cool green grass this summer.

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