Goodbye Qbacca, hello Vox

I just sent my Samsung Q1 UMPC and all accessories off to Spain (which is where I just was a couple weeks ago). It was in perfect condition, but I just found myself rarely using it with the work Dell laptop, my personal MacBook Pro, and all my mobile devices. I didn’t want it sitting around and also have my eye on a couple new devices I want to evaluate and maybe purchase.

An HTC Vox is out for delivery to my house right now and this may be the next device. I am also thinking about the Nokia E61i, Nokia E90, or Palm Treo 750v. Which one, or even other model, would you purchase if you had a bit of cash?

  1. #1 by Matthew Hart on May 10, 2007 - 11:40

    I switched from my HTC P3600 to a Vox a few weeks ago. It is a great phone. It is a little sluggish. But, other than that I am happy with it.

    I also have the Treo 750v. With active sync push email enabled the battery life is horrible.

  2. #2 by lepole on May 10, 2007 - 23:46

    I would definitly get a e90. Right now I am useing a vodafon vpa compact II (htc wizzard). I am just worried that the e90 ist just too big!

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