T-Mobile data plan issues yet again, but Nokia seems to work

I am getting a bit tired of T-Mobile and their data plan issues. I had the unlimited data plan for US$19.99 per month and then added the WiFi option for my trip to London in December, but they never came through with the WiFi part so I tried going back to the data only plan. They wouldn’t let me do that and said I had to pay the US$29.99 plan with the T-Mobile HotSpot access. Well, I don’t want the HotSpot access since I would rarely use it so I tried the US$5.99 T-Zones plan and that has worked for the last 4 months or so.

I just recently upgraded my T-Mobile Dash to Windows Mobile 6 and also just received a Vox to try out and now neither of them will connect with the T-Zones plan, even trying the proxy settings. It looks like my only alternative with T-Mobile is to go with their US$29.99 plan again. I would pay it in a heartbeat if they had 3G like EVERY other U.S. carrier, but they are still on EDGE and I don’t think consumers should have to pay US$30 per month for EDGE and WiFi that is not needed. Why can’t T-Mobile offer the US$20 plan again just for data? I think they better watch out or they may lose more customers with their extreme slowness in adopting 3G while still charging 3G data rates.

On a whim, I put my SIM back into the Nokia N95 I am testing and data seems to work fine with the S60 devices so T-Mobile must have some way of detecting what type of device a person is on and shutting down that pipe. So it looks like my choices are limited in devices if I stay with the T-Zones plan and T-Mobile. I guess that knocks the Vox out of contention for a new device and the Nokia E61i is looking more and more enticing to me now.

I am locked into T-Mobile for at least another year due to contract extensions or else I would most likely jump to Cingular where I could get 3G data for US$20/month. T-Zones may open up again on these Windows Mobile devices like it has before and if not it looks like I’ll be using S60 and not Windows Mobile for my wireless data access.

UPDATE: I gave in and added the full unlimited internet plan (with T-Mobile Hotspots) so I am not limited in what device I use and don’t have to worry about loss of connectivity again.

  1. #1 by Ricky Cadden on May 11, 2007 - 06:52

    This is a huge complaint I have with the US carriers, artificially overcharging based on device. And another reason why unbranded is always better.

    Cingular does have 3G, but they still have artificial inconsistencies. If you have a QWERTY device, you’re supposed to be on the PDAconnect, which is $40/month for unlimited.

    So if you have an E62 and an N75, the N75 would be *officially* eligible for the cheaper plan, even though they have the same capabilities.

  2. #2 by Aaron Brown on June 27, 2007 - 16:24

    It’s my understanding that you can get the $20 plan by logging in to your account online and tell it you have a Blackberry phone. After you do that you are allowed to buy the $20 plan. Also, since upgrading my Dash to WM6, the $5.99 plan is working without a proxy at all for me. I think its very location dependent.

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