On the way home from Brownsville

I just spent the last couple of days crawling around a ship that is being prepared to be sunk as part of an artificial reef program. I had to measure the holes that were cut and verify the arrangements to create some drawings that show bulkheads, ladders, openings, etc. so the State of Texas can help with rescues if any diver gets trapped in the future.

I’ll be home tonight, then to work all day tomorrow, then off to Cabo for a nice vacation with my wife. Thanks to my wonderful wife and Party Lite for that upcoming vacation, which I really need since work has been CRAZY!

UPDATE: Well, I thought I was on the way home, but was delayed 3 hours in Brownsville and have now been in Houston for about 3 hours with no certain departure time in sight. I NEED to get home tonight or tomorrow for my trip to Mexico and kick myself for not bringing my passport when I could have just traveled over to Cabo from here. I’ll never travel anywhere without my passport again!

  1. #1 by Chinchorrero on May 23, 2007 - 17:30

    You dont need a passport to get in to mexico
    ( Just a tourist card at the border )
    Cheers amigo.

  2. #2 by Robert on May 24, 2007 - 19:44

    Yo Matt,

    Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Houston. Just can’t believe you were so anxious to leave our fair city for a beach

    I pulled the trigger on a 17″ MacBook Pro after listening to you guys on MOTR.

    I bought Parallels, and am readying to load Vista. Any words of wisdom? Apple store guy says to run XP because Vista is still buggy and not ready for prime time. I would much rather go for Vista, but need it to work with my printer, etc. Does it work ok with home network, etc.?

    Looking forward to show #100 on MOTR.


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