I thought I liked the Palm Foleo

Palm announced their Foleo mobile companion device yesterday and most every blogger I read over the last 24 hours does not like the device. I actually am thinking about it as a possible future purchase since I think it takes the Nokia Internet Tablet idea and makes it better with a larger display and a keyboard. With the integrated WiFi you don’t even need a smartphone to use the device, but the multimedia functionality is still an unknown. I think if it was priced the same as the N800 (US$399) it would probably sell quite well, but with a full retail price of US$600 then that may push it too far out of people’s comfortable price range.

I take my Stowaway BT keyboard with me and try to use the TV-out on S60 devices, but many times hotel do not have the ports available to turn the mobile device into a traveling computer and the Foleo would allow you to always have a display and keyboard with you. I think the device may be a good companion for the business traveler who needs to get some basic work done on the plane and needs a device that lasts longer than the 2-3 hour battery life on most all laptops. Granted, there are micro laptops out there with long battery life and good performance, but they cost 3 to 4 times what the Foleo will cost you.

I need to get a hold of one and see for myself. What do you think of the Palm Foleo?

UPDATE: After some more thinking about the device, I just don’t think there is a need for the Foleo as I stated in my ZDNet blog entry.

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