iPhone coming soon to the U.S., but how can we use it for Bible study and ebook reading?

Well, we all know about the Apple iPhone coming out on Friday and the news, reviews, and Apple videos are pouring out all over the place. I have to admit that it does indeed look slick and the rate plans are actually reasonable, which makes sense since the iPhone is running the slower EDGE connection rather than AT&T’s 3G network.

I use my mobile devices for a lot of things and one reason I keep going back to using a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition type device is because of the excellent Laridian PocketBible application. It looks like the only way you will be able to access and read the Bible on the iPhone is through a Bible web site, which requires that you have a data connection and doesn’t allow for any note taking.

I also enjoy reading Mobipocket e-books and there is not going to be 3rd party application support like this on the iPhone. The iPhone has a very cool UI, but lacks a lot of other features found on existing Windows Mobile and S60 devices.

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