How do I use the iPhone for sermon notes and Bible study

At this time, there is no dedicated ebook reader that works on the Apple iPhone, but I have found other ways to access the Bible and use it for my walk with Jesus. The first thing I did was load up iPocketBible, the audio Bible. I put the whole New Testament on there to start with and unfortunately you cannot put the written Word into Notes since Notes on the iPhone don’t sync like they do with regular iPods.

I do use the Notes application, though, to record sermon notes in church. Since you cannot sync Notes over to a PC, I then email the sermon notes to my Gmail account where I then add a Sermon Notes label and archive the notes for further study in the future.

I have also found a couple of iPhone-optimized Bibles using the  and GetLeaflets iPhone application aggregators.

So now I can listen to the Bible, read the Bible, and takes notes on the iPhone. These may not be the “cleanest” solutions, but they work and the Word is now once again with me and my Apple.

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