PocketBible for Windows is now available!

If you go visit the Laridian web site then you will notice a new product that was just added to their lineup yesterday. Laridian has branched out from Palm and Windows Mobile devices to the Windows PC. PocketBible for Windows is available now. If you already have Bibles from your Palm, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device then you can use those same Bibles in the Windows software so your PocketBible library goes with you.

I have been beta testing this version of PocketBible and another great feature is that you can store and run PocketBible right from a USB flash drive so you can use it on any PC without leaving the software behind and can now use it at the library, office, or anywhere else you can’t or don’t want to install it on the PC itself. I actually ran PocketBible for Windows on my MacBook Pro using Parallels in coherence mode and found it to be an outstanding piece of software.

I personally think it is great to see PocketBible expand to Windows and back when I had Qbacca (a Samsung Q1 UMPC) this was something I was desperately looking for. I think it will be a wonderful application for the UMPC, but I don’t have one of these anymore.

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