Rest in peace, Mr. Laible

The wonderful Christian man who hired me at my current marine consulting firm almost 7 years ago just passed away last night from a tough battle with cancer. He now joins his amazing wife who passed away a couple years ago and while I am extremely saddened by losing this mentor here on Earth I can rest knowing for sure that I will be able to discuss shipbuilding with Duane in Heaven. He was one of the most personable and friendly people I knew and always had a good attitude and glow about him. Everyone could tell he was a man of God, just through his actions. And then when you talked with him and learned of his relationship with Jesus, you also knew he was secure in the Lord. I loved Duane and will miss him today. It still seems like I’ll see him poke his head into the office and help me out with client communications, but sadly we will no longer. Thank you for everything Duane and may the Lord comfort your family today.

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