iPocketBible from Laridian is now available!

I have tried a few of the Bible applications on the Apple iPhone, but they are very basic and serve primarily as a way to read a specific Bible translation. Some are not formatted well for the iPhone and others don’t have the Bible translations that I prefer to read and study. Laridian has been working on a solution for iPhone users and I was very pleased to read on their blog they just launched iPocketBible. In the past I have actually switched mobile platforms to get PocketBible or MyBible working as I find this functionality that important in my life.
After reading the news, I immediately visited the site and saw that the service is US$1.99/month or US$19.99/year so I went ahead and subscribed for the year since I find their products that valuable to my mobile arsenal. The great feature for us who already own Laridian Bibles, devotionals, dictionaries, etc. is that you get full access to those resources you already purchased with PocketBible or MyBible so you just need the iPocketBible service. If this is your first Laridian purchase, then you will need at least one Bible translation to read some content and they actually offer bundle specials for this. One key note, that they actually bold on the site, is that you use two fingers to move down the page and read the content. At first, I did not read this and couldn’t figure out how to scroll down the page so I tapped the green arrow that ended up taking me to the next chapter. The interface is pretty slick and iPocketBible also allows you to search and set bookmarks that you can revisit later. They also have a list of upcoming features that will make this application almost like a stand-alone application with highlighting, personal notes for verses, reading progress planning, synchronization with PocketBible for Windows, and more.

iPocketBible just made my iPhone that much more useful and with T-Mobile as my carrier on the iPhone I am a very content Apple iPhone owner again.

UPDATE: I’ve been playing with the Nokia N95 again since the device is such a good media player and I really LOVE the 3rd party application support. I decided to give iPocketBible a try on it since there are no S60 versions from Laridian and guess what? It works! Now I did find I had to switch the zoom level or go from portrait to landscape to see my login boxes, but that was a quick step. You also scroll around in iPocketBible with two fingers, but on the S60 device a scroll bar does appear on the right side so you can maneuver without a touch screen. I did find that I had to scroll right and left to go between the scroll bar and the text, but the ability to access my Laridian resources on a S60 device is worth it. Keep up the great work Laridian.

  1. #1 by Antoine of MMM/BH on September 17, 2007 - 12:56

    Thanks for posting this. Saw that pop up via my Jaiku feed and had to get it up.

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