Honor and pray for Veterans today and every day

I should have posted this yesterday, but today is the official day of observance of Veteran’s Day here in the US. I was blessed by the Lord with that ability and opportunity to serve my country for 13 years and thank Him for that. It gave me an appreciation for our wonderful country and all the amazing men and women who served or are now serving to give us all the freedoms we have. Both of my Grandfathers and my Dad served in the Armed Forces and I thank them for their service.

I ask that you thank someone today who has or is serving and pray for them. If you haven’t served it is a bit tough to describe all the sacrifices that members of the Armed Forces and their families make for so little thanks and appreciation that so many in our country don’t give them. I was in the USCG and never went to war, but my family did have to deal with a dad being underway for 3.5 months, multiple moves, and 24 hour on-call status so EVERY person in uniform and their families are dealing with hardships and deserve honor and thanks today and every day.

Thank you Veterans for everything.

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