New WordPress software and theme

I backed up this blog and upgraded the WordPress software on my server. As you can see I also found a very nice 3-column theme to use and updated my theme. The final step is to add some of my own images in the banners.

You may also notice I no longer have any Google or Chitika ads on this personal blog. I am doing fine with my ZDNet blog so I have no need to get a few bucks to try to pay for hosting this blog so decided to take off all the ads I had (there were only a few anyways).

Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see and thanks for visiting my ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer blog. Look for some changes there in the next couple of months as well.

UPDATE: For some reason my blog keeps going back to the basic WordPress theme and won’t keep my selected 3-column theme. Trying to figure this out now and also figure out why mobile version doesn’t seem to be working.

UPDATE 2: OK, it seems that the mobile plug-in kept resetting my theme back to the default theme when I tried accessing my site on a mobile device. I removed the default theme from my server and then a blank page popped up. I then deactivated the mobile plug-in and will continue to work on this issue.

FINAL UPDATE: Solved the issue. It seems I didn’t read the README.TXT file (who reads these) and did not have the mobile part I needed loaded into the Themes folder. See this page for details on the issue that is easily solved.

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