Is gadget lust a struggle for you?

Antoine posted a good link to start off this week about Addressing Gadget Envy that you should take a look at. He links to a very good post at Get Rich Slowly on How to Cope with Gadget Envy. It was a nice read that helps you to refocus on priorities in your life and whether or not you really need that latest gadget. Thankfully, there was nothing at MacWorld that is calling for my money this year so I am safe from Apple for now.

If you read my ZDNet blog you will see I use a lot of different mobile phones, but thankfully most of them are loaners or review units that eventually get sent back to public relations companies or manufacturers. The shine usually wears off after the review period, but there are those devices that I do find essential that I purchase. In the last year, I have purchased an Apple iPhone, T-Mobile Shadow and Nokia N95-3. There are probably 8 or so other mobile phones in my review drawer right now that are review/evaluation units. Even though the Lord has blessed me with a great “day job” and a fun hobby career, writing for ZDNet, I do pretty well in keeping my credit card in my wallet and avoiding buying all the latest and greatest. I would love to pick up an ultra-portable PC, but there is no need for it no matter how much justifying I try to come up with.

I think you will see me exhibiting even more self-control in 2008 as I am trying very hard to spend more daily time with the Lord. My daughters are getting older and I want them to have a strong foundation in the Lord as they go through the teenage and college years where a strong foundation is needed with all the added peer pressure and negative influences of society. I am actually extremely close to canceling cable TV too since it seems like such a waste of money and is an influence I don’t want in my house anymore.

Do you struggle with gadget lust?

  1. #1 by Rob Bushway on January 22, 2008 - 10:49

    Great post, Matt. Gadget envy / lust has always been a struggle. Funny thing is, as I get my hands on more review unit stuff, I find that gadgets have less of a calling to me. The shine quickly wears off and it is easier to see that shiny brand new thing as just junk.

    Now, the iPhone – that’s another story!

  2. #2 by Duke on January 23, 2008 - 03:29

    Hi Matt! I have had your site bookmarked for years now! (Since you were using a Treo 650 exclusively) As a luster for mobile gadgets and a Christian, I feel we have a lot in common. Of course, I don’t have access to all those reveiw units you get to check out, so I have a ZD Mobile Blog Reveiwer Envy also! 🙂 I have been using Palm OS devices for 10 years now! But lately I am seeing the amazing things that HTC/Apple are doing with mobile phones, and for the last three months, I am talking major lust for a new unit that has nothing to do with Palm. Yea, that TyTN II is probably something I am longing for, and am starting to plot and plan on just how I am going to obtain it!
    Peace and Grace!

  3. #3 by palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller) on January 24, 2008 - 06:47

    Rob, your statement is very true. I am blessed to be a reviewer so I do get the opportunity to play with many devices and this has actually helped save me money since the “shine” does wear off after intense usage.

    Funny, I keep going back to the iPhone as a great device too, but wish they would add a couple things like Bluetooth profiles for a keyboard and GPS, copy/paste, and Exchange sync support.

  4. #4 by Joey Montgomery on February 7, 2008 - 21:12

    Right on brother. I’m a gadget geek and love every minute of it, but also consider the distractions in my life, always feeling the need to be connected. It’s become a noticeable effort for me to walk away from the electronics for family and time with the Lord. I’m blessed to have powerful gadgets with mobile internet and I’m truly thankful for the technology. Where’s the balance?

    In 2004, I traveled to Africa on a missions trip and REALLY disconnected. I still took my iPod, camera (of course), and Treo since I feel helpless without the bare necessities. But after 10 days without internet, cable TV, phone calls, RSS feeds, you know what I mean, I found more clarity and focus than I have ever encountered as an adult. I truly could hear the Lord speak to me clearly without all the noise.

    I hope one day if my business travels ever make it to the northwest, we could grab a coffee and share our faith in person. I appreciate you sharing your heart and family with the rest of us. I have wanted to share these thoughts for some time now, but most of my local friends don’t quite understand my love for gadgets and why it’s a big deal anyway.

    God Bless

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