BibleTech08: Day 1 – Session 02, Building Community or Building Babel?

Mr. Karl Hofmann and Chris Pollock held this rather interactive, open session that started off with Karl asking the crowd how the Bible is technology. There was lots of input from the audience including thoughts that the Bible was meant to be heard, it is an output, it is in book format, and much more that I couldn’t really capture on paper. Karl said we may want to check out a couple of books by Ivan Illich, titled Vineyard of the Text and ABC: Alphabetization of the Popular Mind. Some takeaways from this talk was the need for online communities of Christians to study the Bible and talk about things. I felt it was an interesting way to think about the Bible and prompted me to start thinking more about the balance between moving from a hard copy of the Bible to an all electronic version of the Word of God.

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  1. #1 by Chris Pollock on January 29, 2008 - 06:43

    Hey thanks for the comments on our session. Since you put in the (sp) I’ll pass along that the correct spelling is “Pollock” and “Hofmann”. We really had a lot of great conversations with folks after our presentation. It was encouraging to see that people really are thinking about the implications of technology when it comes to something as sacred as reading the Scriptures. I can say that one hope I have is that our tools will help us slow down and spend time with the text more than speed us up and make us more “efficient”.

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