BibleTech08: Day 1 – Session 03; OSIS and modern Bible tools

The third session I attended was led by members of the American Bible Society and began by describing more about the OSIS Initiative. Four thoughts on why to use OSIS were:

  1. Permanence: It is independent of hardware and software
  2. Portability: The OSIS-XML format can be used across platforms, including mobile devices
  3. Process: Again the open format can be used with different tools
  4. Products: You can make products cost effective for the end user

The next speaker talked about a couple of ABS tools, including and The site was created to support the Stand in the Gap 2007 conference in D.C. I actually attended Stand in the Gap way back in 1999 (I think that was the year) where they hope was to get 1 million Christian men together to pray for our country and there were hundreds of thousands there on site. It was an awesome experience and I will never forget it. The site still works and was setup so that the men could listen to audio of the New Testament and get through the entire New Testament in 40 days. You can go there now and download audio versions of the New Testament.

The other site they setup is Share Your Story Now where Christians can share their inspiring stories of their Christian life with the community. It is great to see some positive news and stories with all of the negative press we are constantly fed and I plan to check it out and read some of the stories soon.

The final speaker talked about mobility, trends in mobility, software trends, personal trends, and more. The speaker was quite knowledgeable about the mobile world and I was impressed. He talked about how we are moving away from the distinction of being either offline or online and moving towards an “inline” life. I don’t know if this is good to always be online, but then again I personally am most of the time unless I am way out in the woods or something.

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