Another Miller girl selected to play for Washington Premier FC!

My middle daughter played premier select soccer for a couple of years before deciding to focus most of her attention to basketball (she just took second in a Hot Shot competition last night). I have been coaching my youngest daughter in soccer for 4 years and this last weekend she decided to try out for the Girls U-11 team at Washington Premier. BTW, she is only 8 years old. We just received a call this morning and she was selected for the Navy team (they have Black and White teams too), which is where we hoped she would play since she is still young. She will be able to now play on U-11 teams for 2 or maybe 3 years and will develop lots of skills. My middle daughter advanced at an extremely fast rate playing for this team and we are all very excited for my daughter. She did an excellent job at tryouts and the coach mentioned how happy and excited Kari was in the tryouts and that he looks forward to coaching her this year.

In other Miller soccer news, my oldest daughter (now in 8th grade) has her final day of tryouts for school soccer and will most likely be selected to the varsity team. We’ll find out tomorrow night if she made it, but she LOVES soccer and really works hard so I am sure she will make it as well.

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