Arrived in Barcelona, thanks Nokia

I had a very long 2 days getting here to Barcelona, but I arrived safely. I was blessed to be invited on this trip by Nokia and will/be spending the first 2 days with Nokia folks. They gave each of us (there are about 8 of us) a Nokia N810 to try out and I am making this post on it using the thumb keyboard. We had a nice dinner nwith a couple Nokia guys too and then went to bed.

I was up very early/late writing about all the latest Windows Mobile news coming out at MWC so check out my ZDNet blog for that coverage. Much more to come today.

  1. #1 by Gavin McMillan on February 12, 2008 - 14:46


    You should try the Internet Call feature on the N810, JustCallMe has provided free credit to the Blogger accounts from Nokia – so, will be able to place live feedvideo or VoIP calls back home.


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