Appeals court in California rules homeschooling is unlawful. Can we stop this madness?

I just listened to the latest episode of the What Would Jesus Podcast and became infuriated when I heard the part about the idiotic decision in a California court regarding homeschooling. I searched online and found the news that this court ruled that homeschooling is unlawful. I highly doubt this decision will stick because it is unconstitutional and plain ridiculous. I am now going to find out who I can write to down there and let them know this decision must be thrown out.

We started homeschooling in Maryland since the school district we lived in was substandard and my wife felt led by the Lord to teach our girls. My oldest two were homeschooled for 2-3 years in Maryland. We then moved to Washington and my wife continued to homeschool my oldest two girls. After a few years the girls asked to try public school so they could ride the bus 🙂

We checked out our small local elementary and it seemed to be a good school where real Christmas carols with the name of Jesus were still sung in the Christmas program. My oldest daughter passed a coupe tests and went from 3rd grade in our homeschool curriculum to 5th grade, she skipped 4th. She has gotten straight A’s every quarter and has been in advanced honors courses the last 2 years too. My middle daughter started in 3rd grade and then achieved straight A’s in most every quarter as well. She is testing for 7th grade honors courses this Saturday.

Since it seemed this elementary school was doing well, we started my youngest daughter there in Kindergarten. She is a strong-willed child and we thought it may be good for her to try a class with other kids and a teacher that was not her parent. She did fine in Kindergarten, but then in 1st grade she was just getting satisfactory to low reports. That is unacceptable to us as there is no reason for her to achieve and suceed. We talked to her teacher and the school about our concerns that she may fall behind, etc. and they said she is just fine and is average. Against their desires we brought her home to build a strong foundation from homeschooling and I am happy top report that she too is now excelling and much happier. The school just wanted their number and were fine to let her slide through.

People throughout the world were all homeschooled in the past and I am not convinced that the government can do it better. Shoot, look at how poor America compoares to ALL other industrialized nations. We are failing and I place most of the blame for this on parents who do not take a person interest in their child’s education and just push them off to school every day. The teachers are trying hard, for the most part, but when their are disruptive kids that consume their attention and time everyone suffers.

The popular myth that homeschooled kids are social idiots is another issue that fires me up. 90% of the people I know who homeschool have kids who are involved in church, sports, Girls Scouts, etc and their kids get more social interaction than the fat kid who goes to school and then plops down to play games all night. Parents who homeschool are making MAJOR sacrifices in time and if you haven’t homeschooled then you have no idea how all-consuming it is and I applaud my wife for giving up so much to love and instruct our girls.

I do think there may be a select few who abuse the right to homeschool, but in Washington State they try to help prevent that by requiring one of the parents teaching their kids to have an Associates degree. Kids are also affiliated with a local school and can even participatre in sports, band, etc if they want since we are still paying all the same taxes as everyone else.

Support and encourage homeschooling and let the State of California know that the poor decisions by a couple of uneducated judges should not ruin the lives of thousands.

  1. #1 by Antoine of MMM on March 14, 2008 - 20:34

    This is an interesting story indeed. I the part that should be emphasized though is not so much that they want it to be against the law to teach your child, but that there is that plan to add the extra layer of accredation towards parents who do choose to do homeschooling.

    In that case, it is sad to prohibit homeschooling if there bar to do so is placed above that of what a parent should expect to have.

    Not being a parent, I can only see but so much of this issue. I do agree that parents should be equipped for homeschooling, but not make that line a high bar that is only attainable in a few instances rather than in the majority. When a law like this is so blanketed, then it does make homeschooling in and of itself to be made into the bad guy; when it really isn’t. If schools are losing money becuase they cannot keep their numbers up” and continue some modicum of educational excellence, then its the schools that need to be redone, not the parents who’ve taken their kids out of schools to keep from continuing the issue.

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