Do you really want to condemn America to Hillary's lies? Check out the movie!

I heard about this film, Hillary : The Movie, on our local talk station a month or so ago and now you can watch the full movie in 9 YouTube episodes. I have links to all 9 episodes below to make it easy for you to view:

  1. Episode 1/9
  2. Episode 2/9
  3. Episode 3/9
  4. Episode 4/9
  5. Episode 5/9
  6. Episode 6/9
  7. Episode 7/9
  8. Episode 8/9
  9. Episode 9/9

I never planned and still won’t EVER vote for Hillary. I never voted for Bill either because I saw through their lies and deceipt. The scary thing is, Hillary is more deceitful and vindicative than Bill and I fear for this country if she is elected.

Let’s vote for an honest and true American and elect John McCain this fall.

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