New King James Version OneNote 2007 Bible now available for free

A few years back I had a Fujitsu Tablet PC (my first Tablet) and used a Bible with OneNote on it to take notes and read. I honestly can’t remember what Bible that was, but I now see that Rob Bushway from is one of the people working on this project so it may have been something from the TabletBible site. In this latest update, Rob announced that the New King James Version is now available for OneNote 2007.

I am loving my Fujitsu U810 UMPC/Tablet PC and have been using Laridian’s PocketBible for Windows on the device. I also have OneNote 2007 that was included with my Fujitsu purchase so I now plan to load up these two Bible translations (the English Standard Version is also available) on my U810 (aka Ubacca). I can’t believe that these are available for FREE and I encourage you to donate to the project if you find them useful.

Projects like this and the excellent Windows Mobile support from Laridian have major impacts on my device buying habits as I have been known to keep Windows Mobile devices just for the Bible support. It looks like I will now have to keep my Fujitsu U810 too since it is one of the lowest cost, yet long battery life Tablet PCs available in a portable form factor.

What a great ministry Rob! Keep up the excellent work.

  1. #1 by Rob on April 25, 2008 - 11:57

    enjoy! thanks for the post and link.


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