One of the worst decisions in the history of this country

OK, let me start off by saying that I just don’t have much time to post here anymore with my ZDNet blog, my normal day job, and life with my wife and family. I am just using this blog as a way to either voice some of my personal opinions, talk a bit about my devices, or rant when I need to rant. As we move into another highly anticipated Presidental election season you may see more political posts and if you don’t want to read them then please don’t and you may even want to unsubscribe to this blog, which is your decision to make.

Neither candidate reflects and upholds all the values that I hold dear to my heart and it is one of those years where I’ll have to choose the best for the job, with the primary role of keeping my family and me safe. That said there is really only one choice when it comes to voting for an American who loves this country and will do everything in his power to protect it and that is John McCain. Obama’s inexperience and attitude towards those who intend to harm us is scary and I just can’t believe there are intelligent people out there who may actually vote for him.

This idiotic latest Supreme Court decision highlights a key difference between these two candidates and makes it very clear who should be the next President of the U.S.A.  Why should suspected terrorist detainees from other countries have the right to add to the backlog in our civil court system? Do you think this kind of ridiculous decision would ever be made in another country, only in America. I like McCain’s strong statement that Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo Bay detainees is “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.”

  1. #1 by Ricky B. on June 13, 2008 - 13:17

    Idiotic? For shame! I find myself questioning how one could disagree with it and still consider oneself rational, apart from the issue of if the Guantanamo is considered U.S. jurisdiction for the purposes of if our laws apply.

    If it is, then the constitution applies… and the rest is a quite elementary exercise in reading comprehension. You may be right about being willing to do “whatever it takes”, but I think that should be “within the bounds of the supreme law of our land”. You are not doing America any favors if you seek to destroy everything it stands for in the name of nebulously “protecting” it.

    For the record, I rather like John McCain as well… but then, I’m an independent who finds this year’s candidates both a wonderful change from the “give me your vote and I’ll stab you in the back” era of how Bush treated fiscal conservatives; at least both of our candidates this time have an eye on the budget.

  2. #2 by palmsolo on June 13, 2008 - 13:25

    Good comments Ricky. I guess I am just worried about the danger of frivolous cases when we pander to petty needs of prisoners.

    I also think we need to closely watch the government so it doesn’t overstep the bounds of privacy too much to “protect” us, but then again I guess I have lots of faith that the government isn’t looking to take away liberties of honest people. Maybe I am too naive here as well.

    I voted for and really like Bush at first, but I have to say as a conservative that he has not stood up like I want him too when it comes to fiscal issues and he should have been stronger in cutting back on spending. I do think McCain will do better in this regards and hopefully get Congress to stop spending our money like it is free money for them to blow.

  3. #3 by May C on June 14, 2008 - 21:16

    I, too also agree that John McCain should be the next president. I still think that he was ripped off back in 2000 when he lost to the someone with the Bush name with some pretty powerful backing, only to embarass his father (who I respect) and friends (ie. Baker) among others.

    I am fearful of what Obama can do to add to the mess that Bush Jr has caused. It will take a lot of undoing that I’m not sure anyone can really accomplish. Pulling the troops out prematurely (regardless of my initial views of the US invasion) would be the biggest mistake for the entire world and fuel global terrorism. I agree that Obama may “think” he has a lot of great ideas, but I believe that what may seem good on paper may turn out the exact opposite.

  4. #4 by Mike on June 16, 2008 - 09:31

    I agree with your original post. I don’t believe non-citizens especially prisoners of war should get the same rights that citizens or permanent residents do. They nor their children pay the price of freedom that we do. The Supreme Court decision compromises our safety and will only make an expensive and slow mockery of judicial system. The court justices should have to pay for the terrorists lawyers. This kind of liberalism would never happen in a poor country, so why is it allowed when we are in a period of prosperity.

    Bush had a good term as a war time president in both fronts on the war of terror. He let me down in the second term by not vetoing spending bills by his own party (would only have saved them in 2006), allowing soldiers to be sitting ducks (until the surge), and not caring about his public approval rating by talking in public more.

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