Celebrating 15 years today with the best woman in the world…

at least IMHO 🙂  My wife and I were married 15 years ago and today will be celebrating by spending a weekend alone in our favorite hotel in Seattle. Did you know that we actually met each other and were married in a mere 17 days? We were both Christians and felt secure in knowing that we were designed for each other and neither one of us felt that nervous those 15 years ago. God is good, all the time!

My wife is an amazing woman who actually became pregnant with our first daughter just one month after we were married and has been the best mother any person could ask for so my girls are very blessed. We have had lots of good times and a few bad over the years, but we continue to love and enjoy each other. My love for her actually grows every year and I am happy for this since we plan to be together for a LONG time.

Thanks Dayna, for putting up with me all these years, I know it hasn’t been easy all the time. Love and marriages are never easy and are not designed to be easy. I wish more people would make the right choice and work hard to stick with it over the years though so we had less divorces. It makes a HUGE difference if God is at the center of your lives too.

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