Supreme Court gets it wrong again, no death penalty for child rape

Wow, another sad day for those of us in the U.S. as the five liberal leaning members of the Supreme Court continue to make bad decisions. This time they ruled that States cannot sentence child rapists to death. I love children and think that special rules should actually apply to those monsters who rape or harm children and am very disappointed by this ruling that may have made some of these beasts pause before acting. I don’t know if it is just urban legend or not, but I understand that child rapists are targets in prison so this may not actually make much difference.

Even though I am a Christian man, I have to tell you it would be extremely difficult for me to control myself if anyone touched or harmed my wife or three daughters. Death may actually be a better option than being raped by a monster because at least you are then immediately in Heaven, rather than having to live out your life with the mental, and maybe physical, damage caused by these demons. I am very emotional about protecting our children and probably shouldn’t say anymore here on this issue as it just gets me fired up.

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