All right, now the Supreme Court gets one right

We finally have a ruling this year I agree with as the majority decision upheld our Second Amendment rights. The case was brought to the Supreme Court through a case in Washington, D.C. that has had a 32 year law that banned private possession of handguns and required that any rifles or shotguns kept at home be unloaded and dissembled or bound by a trigger lock.

People will point to stats about how many gun deaths there are in the U.S., but how many are a result of legal gun owners? Then compare the HUGE number of deaths from car accidents and the gun death figures are insignificant. We are willing to risk our lives on the road and accept that risk, but not the risk that some psycho will take out a gun and shoot us at work which is a much less likely scenario. Maybe if more of us carried a concealed weapon we could take down these crazies.

It will be interesting to now see if other gun control legislation is challenged now that a precedent has been set by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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